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Zhu Scalp Acupuncture (ZSA)


The principles of ZSA and auriculotherapy are similar in that every part of the body is interconnected with every other part of the body. We have ear acupuncture, and nose acupuncture, scalp acupuncture hand acupuncture, and foot acupuncture. In each of those parts of the body is a map of the rest of the body. We call this a homunculus (or little man). ZSA is particularly effective for problems with the brain and neurological system and sequalae to stroke.


This system of scalp acupuncture was developed by Mingqing Zhu, founder of Zhu’s Acupuncture & neurology, Center, San Jose CA.


Dr. Quaranto completed an externship with Dr Zhu in Qingdao, China and worked at the Affiliated Hospital of the Qingdao Medical School in the neurology ward working almost exclusively on people who had suffered strokes. Not wanting to sound too phantasmagorical on a website, suffice it to say that people’s lives were changed.

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