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“I appreciate the acupuncture treatments I have received from you that have enabled me to live a normal life without pain and limitations.  I have been suffering since 1985 from whiplash resulting from an auto accident… I am feeling energetic again without pain and discomfort.” -N.P.

“ I want to thank you for my miracle. I can’t believe that after so many years and so many doctors and so much medication, I found a cure in acupuncture with you.  My eyes feel brand new again! It is so good to be able to look at a ceiling light without pain , and many other obstacles. I thank God for the day I came to you.” -A.R.

“I am very grateful to have experienced your program for quitting smoking. As a non-smoker I am looking forward to many more health-oriented goals. Your program and your help will have a lasting effect.” -G.

“ I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for acupuncture services provided by Dr. Danny. I was suffering from depression and anxiety with the associated symptoms of lack of energy, and loss of appetite and taste.  Within two days of an acupuncture treatment for neurotransmitters, I experienced a dramatic improvement that occurred to close to the treatment to be considered a mere coincidence. Dr. Danny is a valuable health resource for the Vero Beach community.” -A.D.

"Always great to get my treatment with Danny Quaranto! I wish I could go every day! Thank you, Danny, for being the best at what you do!" -L. P.

“ Dr. Quaranto has treated me for a number of allergens including chocolate, cats, pollen, orange blossoms, vegetables, caffeine, eggs, and mold.  As a result of this allergy elimination, I feel wonderful throughout the winter, a new experience for me. I am able to eat any foods and feel great.  My previous asthma condition is gone and I just simply find that I have an enhanced sense of health and vitality.” -L.H.D

“Last year I was treated by Dr. Danny Quaranto for a long-standing allergy to strawberries.  I would break out with hives followed by intense itching.  After one Allergy Elimination Treatment, I was able to eat strawberries again with no allergic response.   This treatment is still working well after one year!” -G.

“Once again, I thank you for my daughter’s improved health.  One year ago when I was in FL I was pleased with her progress, but now I more than impressed.  It’s more like a miracle!  You have accomplished what dozens of others could not.  Thank you for your persistence and for taking her seriously.” -B.P.

“Thank you, Dr. Josefina, for helping me to become the best I can be!  My visits with you regarding weight loss have transcended to mean so much more, as I apply your principles of tapping into the subconscious mind to all aspects of my life.  You are an inspiration to us all!” -K.F.

"Thanks so much, Dr. Josefina for teaching me to believe and expect the best from life again. Since my husband's death 4 years ago I was stuck in a rut, to say the least. By the end of your class, I had regained my positive attitude and starting speaking and planning my future in a way of writing down and doing my treasure map. Before your class, I would have thought this was a silly thing to do I proceeded to cut a pretty new house out of the real estate magazine not knowing where the money would come from. Two days later my son called and says mom I think you should sell your and dad's house here in Ohio and buy a new house for you in Florida. I had been keeping the home in Ohio only because the have begged me to keep the home there because their dad built it. I knew they were trying to keep the memories of their father I didn't go against their wishes. God does work in mysterious ways, doesn't He? I thank you for teaching me that it is OK to dream and to expect those dreams to come true. I have five more things I am hoping for and I fully expect to have in God's time. Forever Grateful." - C.J.

"My shoulder had suffered a fractured clavicle and two separations, resulting in enough damage to the muscle cuff and persistent chronic excruciating pain that my orthopedic surgeon indicated the only solution remaining was surgery… However while on vacation, I visited AMFCC as a desperate measure to obtain some relief. After only four weeks, two visits per week, the pain was gone!”


“I went looking for alternative healthcare when I develop arthritis in my left hip joint and my right knee joint.  I was walking with a cane and in considerable pain.  After 6 treatments of acupuncture from Dr. Quaranto I am happy to say, my cane is no longer needed and I am back bowling and walking again… Dr. Quaranto treated me for high blood pressure and brought my pressure down 40 points in a week with the aid of Chinese herbs.” -J.G.

"This is to all who want to know the empowerment that you can experience with this incredible lady. Dr. Josefina suggested that we train together for 6 weeks because she was getting ready for an up and coming competition I agreed and we settled on a time. When we met up for our first workout she handed me her workbook and said, “If you are serious about changing your body and making positive changes in your life we need to do both external and internal transformation.” This has been my most exciting life change mentally and physically. I lost 28 pounds and my attitude has been revitalized I look forward to every day and knowing that the universe and God and my dearest friends inspiration and knowledge and her empowerment program has had an incredibly positive impact on my life. I am now looking forward to my first body building or figure competition this summer and never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that would ever be a possibility. To you Josephina I give my thanks and my love and eternal gratefulness." - M. C.


"The Medical Doctors worked on my knee for about a year with no apparent results and through moxibustion you helped in one treatment!” - A. & J.

"Wish I could get in touch with the whole world of afflicted people be it major or minor discomfort they are experiencing, to tell them of the wonderful results I've obtained from you through acupuncture. " -J. G.

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