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Neuro-Emotional Technique

This is a life-changing technique that will allow you to access and clear the blockages that keep you from being, doing and having whatever it is that you want to be, do and have.


Enzyme Replacement Therapy

Everyone needs protein, fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. These are the building blocks. However, these building blocks merely sit on the job site, until the workers come along and magically transform them into flesh and blood. This is the job of the enzymes. They are responsible for all of our bodily functions. What kind of bodily functions? How about thinking and breathing. No enzymes - no life. They truly are the fountain of youth.


Bee Venom Therapy


Classical Homeopathy

An excellent resource for information, courses, supplies, and practitioners.


Weston A. Price Foundation

A wealth of information regarding the use of whole foods, raw milk products and the detriments of using soy products.



Good general resource regarding acupuncture and other aspects of Asian Medicine.

Zhu Scalp Acupuncture

Dr. Ming Qing Zhu teaches that there is a relationship between the scalp and the cerebral cortex. Initial results of clinical work indicated that acupuncture applied to the scalp had a good effect on diseases that were associated with cerebral damage, such as stroke. Its applications were then extended to virtually all other diseases, but a focus on nervous system disorders is still dominant.

Know Your Fats

Get the "skinny" on fats. Mary Enig, PhD is the foremost researcher in the area of fats and has no ties to the food industry.




Medical Scrubs Outlet

Medical Scrubs Outlet provides comfortable clearance scrubs.

Masters In Nursing

Spreading the word and educating nurses about alternative medicine and holistic treatment options.

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