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What Are Enzymes?

Enzymes are the spark of life. Without them, life would not exist. They are the workers that make your physiology work, mentally, emotionally, and physically. There are literally hundreds of thousands of enzymes active in every organ, tissue, and fluid and each has a very specific function. Enzymes activate our muscles, stimulate our nerves, make our hearts beat, keep us breathing, help us think. These enzymes are also able to convert nutrients from food into strong healthy bodies.

There are three distinct types of enzymes: Food enzymes, which are contained in all raw food. Digestive enzymes are secreted by the body to digest food. Metabolic enzymes, which run other biochemical processes – like thinking and breathing.


What Do Enzymes Do?

Chewing releases enzymes from food. The body is provided with enzymes every time raw food is eaten. The food contains just the right amount and type of enzymes to digest that food. Nature put these enzymes in food to aid in the digestive process. In this way, the body could spend more of its energy manufacturing the metabolic enzymes that give us a higher quality of life. We all like to breathe and think. If we have to constantly pump out digestive enzymes because they were not in the food that we ate, then our ability to manufacture the appropriate metabolic enzymes is compromised.


If I Eat a Balanced Diet, Why Would I Need Enzymes?

If you eat food that is steamed, boiled, roasted, broiled, fried, stewed, canned, or sat on the grocery shelf for too long then you need food enzymes. Enzymes are the most heat-sensitive nutrients found in food. At 118 degrees Fahrenheit enzymes are destroyed. When food enzymes are missing, the body is forced to produce all the enzymes necessary for digestion. This puts unwarranted stress on the organs of digestion, which must rob enzymes from your system to digest your food.


How Do I Avoid an Enzyme Deficiency?

Digesting food is one of the most energy-consuming tasks performed by the human body on a regular basis. When foods deficient in enzymes are eaten, the body uses a considerable amount of energy making enzymes. This sometimes explains why we feel tired after eating. To avoid enzyme deficiencies, eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible. We live in a modern age where food needs to be convenient and nutritious, so taking plants with each meal will help digest your food, lessen the work of your digestive system, and ease stress on the organs.


What Are the Symptoms of Enzyme Deficiency?

Over 80 billion dollars are spent every year by consumers to relieve heartburn, excess acid, bloating, symptoms of indigestion. Fatigue, diarrhea/constipation, gas, headaches, colon problems, hardening of the arteries, high cholesterol are just a few of the conditions that have their roots in the shortage of enzymes. All of these can be attributed to poor digestion. If allowed to progress, however, chronic degenerative diseases may rear their heads in later years. If you are showing any signs of these symptoms, it is possible that you are already enzyme deficient·


What Do I Do If I Experience Symptoms?

Dr. Quaranto uses a 24-hour urinalysis combined with a palpatory exam, which will clearly indicate whether body digests and uses food nutrients and which supplements are needed to return the body to health. Because no two people are alike, there are different enzyme formulations for different people. Dr. Quaranto will recommend enzyme supplements for you based on information from the physical exam and urinalysis and recommend a program to reduce the likelihood of redeveloping an enzyme deficiency. This program has helped thousands of people to a state of health and it can help you.




How Long Will I Have To Take Food Enzyme Supplements?

The length of time it takes to correct imbalances in body chemistry will depend upon how long the imbalances have existed and how well you follow the prescribed dietary recommendations. Most people begin to notice improvement within a relatively short time, some at their next meal, but healthful balance is only regained when the stressor has been removed.

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