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A favorite method that Dr. Quaranto has found extremely effective is auriculotherapy. This is the application of a very mild micro-current of electricity to the cartilaginous areas of the outer ear. If we look at the ear, we discover that it looks amazingly like a fetus turned upside down. Interestingly, research has corroborated that indeed there are reflex points on the ear lobe that correspond to areas of the head, i.e., represented by the inverted fetus and that we can trace the spinal column of that inverted fetus, and by association, the spinal column of the patient, and also locate points on the ear that correspond to the internal organs. Through research at the UCLA Pain Clinic performed by Terry Olson, we find that points on the ear that reflex to an area of the body that is having a problem, have less electrical conductivity than the surrounding area. What this means clinically is that we can very accurately locate these areas of electrical potential difference. We can then pass a micro-electrical current through these reflex points to gently stimulate them and restore balance to the associated organ or body part. This same research additionally showed that the reflex points on the ear would respond much better to electrical stimulation instead of the traditional acupuncture needling of those same points. Here we see that merging modern technology with ancient tradition to be more effective in easing the suffering of our patients.

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