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The purpose of this office is to help as many people as possible in their quest for optimal health and to educate them about the benefits of Alternative Medicine so that they, in turn, can educate others.

Our site has been developed not just to familiarize you with the services that we provide, but to inform and educate you about the benefits of Alternative Medicine.

Dr. Quaranto offers you more than 35 years of experience in alternative medicine as well as cutting-edge techniques that are revolutionizing healthcare! We focus on treating the cause of people’s health problems, not just the symptoms.

If you do nothing about your health problem, it will probably not get better all by itself. In all probability, it will get worse, and if you do the same things that you have always done before, you will get the same results. We offer you an alternative solution to your health care concerns.

We promise to not waste your time or your money. If we can help you we will let you know. If we cannot, we will be happy to refer you to someone whom we feel will be able to help you. Because you have come to our site, we offer you a Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Quaranto to discuss your health problem.

We create positive changes every day in the lives of people that we are privileged to encounter. We hope to share this same experience with you on your quest for optimal health.

In Health,

Dr. Danny Quaranto
Alternative Medicine Family Care Center

My Patients Say It All

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My passion is to help people become well and whole, and then enable them to help themselves. The more people who experience holistic care, the healthier the entire world will be. This creates a ripple effect where one person affects one family, which in turn affects one community, one state, one continent, one world, and eventually one universe. The way it ought to be - and will be one day.


"I will do everything in my power to lead you to optimum health and freedom on every level. "
- Dr. Danny Quaranto

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